Top Experts Center

is one of the world’s leading medical tourism operators

With more than 12 years rich experience in providing healthcare services to international patients in Israel, Top Experts Center specializes in organization of all-inclusive trips for treatment purposes. Partnership agreements with the leading hospitals and medical centers in Israel allow coordination of every aspect of desired care, starting from oncology, neurosurgery, cardiology to the full selection of cross-field healthcare services.

Competitive Advantages of Top Experts Center

Telemedicine solutions tailored to the needs of the individual patient
Extensive management consulting experience in public and private healthcare sectors
Cross industry experience: healthcare, insurance, travel, business, tourism and others
Internationally certified centers and hospitals and the best prices and options
Tools and techniques: partners program, real-time reporting, easy integration to any website and others
Over 1500 doctors, 200 medical procedures, more than 2000 operations annually

360⁰ Solutions

Offering patients worldwide the most advanced medical care on the globe

360⁰ Solution
for patients:
Medical treatment Transportation Accommodation Communication

Flexible model tailored to each medical establishment capabilities

360⁰ Solution
healthcare providers:
Marketing Sales Service Tourism

Great Benefits
of our Affiliate Program

  • No Entry Fee
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Advanced tracking
  • Flexible Earning Models
  • Easy integration to your website
  • Custom Banners on request